Paintings 2020

Paintings 2020

Malerier 2020

The forest talks (Skoven taler)

The forest talks:

What is art and what is an artist? If an artist is skilled, she brings objects to life, and the objects in turn evoke our emotions, invite us to look inward or outward, and can even provide new insights about ourselves or our surroundings. Many artists experience being a channel for something else. Through their intuition, they sense what is to be created and what messages there may be in what they are creating. I feel that way too. For many people, art is the closest they come to the mysterious. Even the artists may be shrouded in mystery. The idea of ​​being called an artist is alive and well. Just as it is said that shamans are called by the spirit world to be shamans. It has made me think that many artists are a sort of shaman, whether they are aware of it or not.

I deal with shamanism and am still learning a lot, e.g. about healing, and about how to connect to and communicate with nature and the spirit world. It interests me, in short, because I have always been so convinced that there is more between heaven and earth, and that I have always experienced nature and all its beings as being conscious and loving beings. Not least, it interests me because it's something that makes me at least as happy as making my art.

It all made me think about what happens if you bring a shamanistic tool into combination with my art? My curiosity about this is the driving force in my project "The forest talks".

My idea was to go out into five different forests and here, via shamanic methods, ask each forest if they would share a message with me, as well as show me a place in the forest that I could use as a motive for the message. I asked the forests for permission to share with all those who see my art.

It has been some very magical and touching encounters with the forests! I have gone very humbly to the task. It was important to me to make as honest a representation as possible of what I heard and what I was shown. It has also been really difficult because it has been a completely different working method than the one I usually have, it has been less intuitive when I first sat at the easel. On the other hand, it has been a great learning experience, both in terms of painting techniques, but also in relation to the shamanistic work.

I hope you enjoy the paintings and their messages. <3